Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother Hen pulls me back to blogging

I have been on Haitus for a couple of weeks. I was reading blogs but didn't feel motivated to post on my own. I've been trying to spend my pregnant time and energy on other things. But how can I refuse a meme when I've been tagged?

Mother Hen over at has tagged me with a 6 Quirky Things meme.

Here are the rules:

Link to the blogger who tagged you.

List the rules.

List your six quirks.

Tag 6 others.

Okay, here are my quirky things:

1. I do not like salsa. I spent five years in Texas- three in San Antonio and I was not converted. I have never liked, and still don't like, salsa.

2. I love to climb trees. No, I'm not climbing any while I'm pregnant, but I have never outgrown my passion for a good climbing tree.

3. I believe Big Foot, Champ (in Lake Champlain), and the Loch Ness Monster could (and probably do) exist.

4. I have obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to having things in a certain place in a certain way. I don't care so much about dirt and dust, but I must have a place for everything, everything in its place. Ever since High School my friends (and now my husband and kids) will move things just so see how long I can go before I have to "fix" it.

5. I love bright, funky nail polish (green, yellow, orange, black, blue)on my toe nails but will only put clear, sheer or nude polish on my fingernails.

6. I can't eat bananas while I'm pregnant. Can't even be around them. They set off my gag reflex. Same with brushing my teeth... of course I have to brush my teeth but it must be very quick or I'll end up in trouble.

There... I'm done. I don't think I have six people to tag but I will do:

That's three people which is six divided by two!


Mother Hen said...

THERE you are. I was wondering if we'd ever hear from you again. I can understand the banana = gag thing, but really, no salsa? How DO you watch sports on tv? wait. The proximity to the salsa is WHY I watch sports on tv. Never mind.
Come on back to my "new" blog and check out the blog make-over.

Dana said...

I have the same problem with brushing my teeth--and I'm not pregnant--and I used to be a dental assistant! I think it has to do with the foaming.

A friend of mine brought me some toothpaste from Germany several years ago. It didn't foam like American toothpastes so it wasn't as bad.

I brush as fast as I can, too. The taste of most toothpastes is mint, so now I can't stand mint, unless it's covered in chocolate. I have to use cinnamon or kiddy-flavored toothpastes to help with the gagging. Maybe some of these ideas might help you too!

By the way, glad to see you're back and hear that everything's ok!


Jendi said...

Hi! So glad you posted. Glad to hear that you are just saving energy and not sick.

I used to love to climb trees, but haven't done it in a while. I think if I saw a good tree I would try it. Just to show my kids how, of course. ;)

I saw pictures of the Loch Ness Monster and heard about how similar it is to a dinosaur. Interesting for sure!

I just have to finish typing the meme. I will probably post it later today.