Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Number One Fall Homestead Chore!

For us at least....


We have a dozen or so trees that drop their leaves in the front "yard" part of our property.  They drop a heck of a lot of compostable material that we use as mulch for the flower beds and fence line (to keep weeds down) as well as compost for garden beds.

This year farmer John blew the leaves away from objects like the house, trees, decking etc. and then took a leaf vacuum to them.  The sad thing is that tomorrow you won't be able to tell that he did anything.  The ground will be covered again.

What is your number one fall chore?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

God's Plan For Us

Proverbs 31:12
She brings him (her husband) good, not harm, all the days of her life.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Read and Write

Where do you write? This topic came up in October's issue of Writer's Digest.  Places that famous authors have written...?

1. While walking... yes I have
2. Favorite Chair... always
3. On Horseback... I have never ridden a horse so this one is out for me.
4. Out in nature... always
5. On the train... yes
6. Bathtub... yes, but never with the computer.
7. In the car... yes
8. In Bed... yes, but it isn't very efficient.  I tend to fall asleep.
9. In a Coffin... Call me silly but I just don't have one of those hanging around right now.
10. In your birthday suit... I have three teens and one pre-teen that would be scarred for life if I did this.

Today I'm feeling very J.K. Rowling-ish. I'm sitting in a downtown Grand Rapids Biggby Coffee writing because I have two hours to kill while City daughter is at her drama class at the Civic Theatre.  I also spent time writing in the back of the car today while my son was in his guitar lesson.

I do have an "official" writing desk.  It's in the basement.  I rarely use it.  I prefer to settle where I can hear if war erupts with any of the children.  Also if I'm out of sight for too long they come searching for me.  I am loved, or at least needed to find things, serve things, cook things and be shown the latest in Lego creations.
Comfy place to sleep... er... write
Backyard under the trees so I can see the computer screen

 Picnic table on the back deck if shaded
 Husband's fly tying desk in the family room. Shhh.... don't tell him.
 My chair when not occupied by teens
 Dining room table
Kitchen island

My downstairs "desk"
I love writing here but not with the computer.   Also it's kinda like the basement, too far away if war erupts.
Leave me a comment and let me know where you do your writing!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Schedules and Limited Screen Time!

Who knew that a schedule would not only work to organize our hectic days but be embraced by my children as well.

Because of sickness we had been off schedule more than on and now that things are back to normal I've been hearing things like, "I like being on a schedule.  It makes me more productive."  Every one of the five kiddoes feel that way!  That is a huge praise.

Along with our time being mapped out we've also severely curtailed screen time (computer, video games and t.v.).  This too has had marvelous results.  My screen loving son actually got some puzzles out and started them!  Unheard of before.

We also severely curtailed copious amounts of free time.  They still have some but we've filled their days with school, chores, service to others, and skill building according to their personalities.  This prevents boredom, too much laying around being lazy and promotes a good work ethic and training for adulthood.

Also rather then separating out to do our own thing we have implemented family time in the evening.  Sometimes it's a game, sometimes a movie, TV show or listening and discussing a Generations Radio broadcast.

It's so easy to get caught up in doing our "own" thing.  It is good to reassess and make positive changes to bring the family closer together.

What do your families do?