Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Number One Fall Homestead Chore!

For us at least....


We have a dozen or so trees that drop their leaves in the front "yard" part of our property.  They drop a heck of a lot of compostable material that we use as mulch for the flower beds and fence line (to keep weeds down) as well as compost for garden beds.

This year farmer John blew the leaves away from objects like the house, trees, decking etc. and then took a leaf vacuum to them.  The sad thing is that tomorrow you won't be able to tell that he did anything.  The ground will be covered again.

What is your number one fall chore?

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The Paisley Butterfly said...

My number one fall chore is putting plastic on windows. No where near as fun as cleaning up leaves! I actually miss that chore. We had a place a few years back with an acre of trees. It was beautiful. A favorite past time of ours while there, raking the leaves and picking up sticks, then building a fire. It was wonderful. The cool, crisp autumn air, the smell of the leaves, the crinkle and snapping of the leaves and sticks, just to be rewarded with a fire built by hard work. We loved sitting around the warm flames and enjoying to view of our cleaned up yard. Where we live now doesn't even compare...Can't wait for the homestead we want!