Saturday, December 7, 2013

It Doesn't Look Like Fall Anymore

Hideeho blog people!  I am back after an unannounced break.  Sickness, school and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) took over my life.  Also spent a lot of time chauffeuring my children to and from activities. But now that I'm feeling rested and less overwhelmed I am back to blogging.

When last I left you the homestead looked like this....

Now the homestead looks like this...

And this...

The chickens are less than impressed...


They will occasionally venture out but they prefer me to throw them their "crack" (cracked corn) inside.


We have moved all the chickens (Barred Rocks and R.I. Reds) into the barn together.  We added extra roosts, two heat lamps, a light, a heated water dish, pecking block and the nesting boxes from the chicken tractor.  They seem to like it quite well.

I have to laugh at my hens.  They are sooo... picky as to which nesting boxes they lay their eggs in.  There are plenty available but they only like to use certain ones and if that box is full and the other hen won't share then they just plop the egg out wherever rather then use a different/open box.  Will there ever come a time when I am not surprised by these ladies?

Well, I'm off to the local library for their craft sale. I'm half way done with my shopping so hopefully there will be some good things at the sale and I can support some local micro-businesses! Stay warm!

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