Friday, December 13, 2013

Read and Write Friday: I just might be a Heirloom Girl!

I got the best early Christmas present today.  I got a response from Mrs. Emilee Gettle who runs She is interested in having me guest blog!  I am super excited!  I really love her site and the other projects she and her husband Jere have their hands in.

The Gettles are the owners of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and have authored a cookbook and gardening book as well as publishing Heirloom Gardener magazine.  I gave my husband a collection of their seeds for Christmas last year and it was such fun to watch the bounty roll in this summer.

I hope this will be the first step in obtaining bylines/clips/credit that will give me some ummph to back up queries to other magazines.  But, more than anything, I'm just excited to be a part of this family based, agrarian minded business.

If you haven't ever gotten a copy of their seed catalog you are missing out. Flipping through it and planning my spring garden is one of my favorite winter activities!


Herrick Kimball said...

That's exciting. Congratulations.

Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

Thank you, Herrick! I'm very excited! They are one of my favorite companies!