Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Schedules and Limited Screen Time!

Who knew that a schedule would not only work to organize our hectic days but be embraced by my children as well.

Because of sickness we had been off schedule more than on and now that things are back to normal I've been hearing things like, "I like being on a schedule.  It makes me more productive."  Every one of the five kiddoes feel that way!  That is a huge praise.

Along with our time being mapped out we've also severely curtailed screen time (computer, video games and t.v.).  This too has had marvelous results.  My screen loving son actually got some puzzles out and started them!  Unheard of before.

We also severely curtailed copious amounts of free time.  They still have some but we've filled their days with school, chores, service to others, and skill building according to their personalities.  This prevents boredom, too much laying around being lazy and promotes a good work ethic and training for adulthood.

Also rather then separating out to do our own thing we have implemented family time in the evening.  Sometimes it's a game, sometimes a movie, TV show or listening and discussing a Generations Radio broadcast.

It's so easy to get caught up in doing our "own" thing.  It is good to reassess and make positive changes to bring the family closer together.

What do your families do?

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