Sunday, July 17, 2011

Second Generation Soap Makers

Autumn Hall (left) with Andi and Seven at the Jenison Farmer's Market (Reagan and
Taylor in the background)
I'm venturing back to the blogging world and with exciting news! My girls are now second generation soap makers. They have learned the craft and are selling their wares at a little local market! They call themselves Bamboo Falls Soap Co. (because Mom and Dad already had a great logo for them to use) and make lavender, mint, and bamboo soap. They may branch out to others if these sell well. So if you are looking for a great handcrafted soap, drop me a comment to ask for a sample and some info. They are working on getting literature, business cards, etc. together.
I'm hoping they do well as Seven has decided (for the time being) that she wants to attend Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC to major in clothing and textile design/arts. That is a hefty bit of money to come up with since we've suggested heavily not to go the debt route with loans.
Andi at this point doesn't desire any higher education after high school but she can save her earnings for (Mom hopes) a future wedding. She is also naturally gifted with drawing ability so I hope she will chose to get some additional art training in after high school.
Regardless of the future it is a good entreprenurial training experience.

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