Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Got Skunk?

We do! Or we think we do.  There has been a den hole in the barn that appeared sometime this winter.  We didn't think much of it because there has always been holes dug into the barn.  I guess this is a hazard of not using the barn for anything but storage.

When I went into the barn yesterday I was met with the faint but obvious smell of skunk.  Yeah!  Not just a wild animal but one with stink spray!  That is always good with kids around.  John agrees with me that our new resident is likely a skunk by the smell of things.

So tell me, my few precious readers.  How do we solve this issue? Trapping, hunting, filling in holes, flooding, poison?  I want to rid ourselves of this pest without coming away smelling for weeks.  I'm just glad we don't have a dog.

I didn't watch the Partridge Family much growing up (I was more of the Brady Bunch type.) but all I can think of right now is the episode where the skunk got trapped on the bus with them and they all ended up stinking.

Country life is anything but dull!

If you have any ideas that might help please leave a comment!

 An exit hole from the main den.  There are at least three or four more outside the barn in the field.

Bikes buried by the digging.  The den is on the other side of the pile.  Not cool!


Catherine Lewis said...

I read that some people use moth balls. Another said to leave a light in the hole. You have to leave it on for about a week. Good luck! Our dog got into one when I was In High school. My clothes smelled like skunk for a week! Not a good thing!

Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

From my internet research I came up with the light in the hole, ammonia down the hole, citrus down the hole, human hair down the hole and various urines from human to dog to fox. I read about mothballs also but there was some debate on the safety of them (environmentally). We are going to have to try everything and see what works. Preferably with out getting sprayed.

Gail said...

Set a trap with cat food. Cover it with an old cloth so the skunk cannot see you. Have a long rope attached to cage. Haul it five miles away from your home and release. It works well and no one gets sprayed. Good luck.