Friday, April 17, 2009

Garden Club Friday

This year's first dandilion.

Maple tree bud

Cherry tree buds

Rhubarb growing- I thought I killed it last year- guess not.

Chives growing among the weeds in the garden. I will have to dig them up before will till and replant them.

Hi all,

I'm posting this while sitting outside on Michigan's 2nd really great day of spring weather and I'm really excited because it is starting to look like spring. Things are growing and budding!

Last week I dug out soil from last year's garden and handed it over to the County Agricultural Extension Office of Michigan State University. They charged $13 for a soil analysis that I should get back in a week or two. Of course a couple of days ago one of my neighbors told me in passing that a local farm co-op store does soil samples for free. Sigh.

Once I get my sample results back the DH and I can till up the garden, improve the soil organically and then plant! (Well, the planting will be after Memorial Day- when we are not in frost danger anymore.)

I have some lettuce and spinach waiting to be planted in containers that I will keep out on the deck so they can grow in the cool weather but be easily covered at night.
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Sonshine4u said...

Did you plant your rhubarb from seed last year?

Cyndi Lewis said...

Nope we bought an already established plant but in hindsight we put it in the ground in June which is past rhubarb time. It died like most of my garden. (Bad year last year.) But it popped back up a week or so ago. My husband is pleased. He is the rhubarb lover in the family.

Wendi said...

Great pics!! I too am soo happy that Spring is popping up everywhere!!!