Monday, April 6, 2009

My DH- always the practical one

Over the weekend I found this great listing for a little farmhouse on three acres. It is right in our area, only a few miles northwest of us. It is white and cute with a great little porch and a big red barn and the asking price is only $79,900. With a USDA Rural home loan we could go 0 down, have no pmi (private mortgage insurance) and have a payment of around $450 a month. Plus the seller could pay up to $4500 dollars of closing costs and we'd qualify for O'bama's $8,000 tax credit for first time homebuyers. (We qualify because we haven't owned a home in three years.) Draw back: One bedroom, one bath, 1,000 sq. feet.

The DH, always the realist, says I'm "smoking crack" to think of shoving all seven of us in that space. I told him we could add on, one room at a time but he didn't catch the vision. So we wait.


Someday. Okay, I'm off to wait patiently.


Wendi said...

ROTFL!! That is soo funny!!! Hang in there...something will come available that is perfect for your family.

My hubby has thought I was smoking crack several times with my great visions!! He just cant see them sometimes!!

Jendi said...

A pig named Bacon? That's as bad as the chicken I met named Nugget.
If you do move there do it in the summer so you can put all the kids in tents outside.

Cyndi Lewis said...

The pig would be named bacon to remind us that it would be a purposeful animal and not a pet. The next year we would have a pig named "ham" and after that "babyback".

Anonymous said...

Too funny. We found a beutiful log cabin on 10acres at a good price. Something we can afford but it's in another state =( I want land, chickens and a gardent too. Not ready for the pic named Bacon just yet. LOL.