Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Trees Come Down!

Last week we had to cut our two front yard trees down due to septic issues.  It was quite the excitement on the street.  Our Pastor (Sam Hendrickson) heats his home with wood during the winter and is always on the look out for free wood.  Our landlords said if he could take down our trees he could have the wood.  So He and my DH had a very full day of  "logging".  In the picture above my DH and Pastor Sam assess the situation.

 Why did the Pastor climb the tree?  To cut it down for firewood, of course!  Don't worry... he's a yooper.  (That's someone from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan or the U.P.)  They eat trees for breakfast up there.

 The job in progress.
 The job almost done!
 What a mess!
 My naked front yard. :(
 Of course all those branches made for some cool fort building!

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