Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life can take over

Sorry for the lack of posts for a week. I've been dealing with sleep issues ( my not sleeping to be precise). I went to the doctor Monday and he, along with some new medication that seems to be really helping, suggested that I might want to consider putting the children in public school. (Private is out of the question due to cost.) So now the husband and I our on our knees seeking God's direction in this. A huge load would be lifted off me if I stopped schooling but I'm willing to carry that load if it is the direction the Lord wishes us to go. The doctor is a Christian otherwise I wouldn't take stock in his suggestion. Luckily I have a wise pastor to seek counsel from and a former elementary school teacher in our little church body to get input from. We also have another homeschooling family in church that I will talk with. I am so thankful we have a great and glorious God to be on our knees in front of and that he will direct our paths when we seek him.


Pips said...

It´s time for halloween. Great. :-)

J Linscott said...

Praying for you as you seek wisdom and guidance from the Lord. I'll be in touch with you.