Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Wonders of Ancient Egypt

The kids have been studying Egypt in school. Of all the wonders and incredible things to take away from this ancient civilization, do you know what their favorite thing they learned is? That during the process of mummification the deceased had their brains pulled out through their nose! Oh, and they are glad they didn't live back then. They thought the furniture looked uncomfortable, the bathroom facilities crude and the food (we made some) "disgusting". In all fairness to the Egyptian culture... I'm sure I didn't do the food justice. I agree with the furniture and bathroom conclusions though. I like modern plumming and my comfy mattress and pillows. I had to remind the kids though that a lot of the modern world isn't as "cushy" as most of America/The West. Even in my travels through Europe there are a lot of "interesting" bathroom facilities.

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