Monday, August 15, 2011

Homestead Potty Training

I've said I'm going to do it all summer and decided I can't put it off any longer.  We have been "unofficially" potty training for a couple of months.  That means when ever one of us has to use the bathroom we just take Tay in with us and have her sit on the potty chair.  But today I start Official Day One of training.

Step 1: Choose an uncarpted room to plan to stay in most of the day.
Step 2: Put a variety of toys and activities in this room to keep your child occupied.
Step 3:  Have lots of drink options and salty snacks on hand as well as rags to clean up accidents and changes of underclothing.
Step 4: Put child in panties/underwear and move potty chair into chosen room.
Step 5:  Encourage child to drink (to fill up their bladder).
Step 6: Explain the process to child and ask often if they need to sit on the chair.
Step 7:  When successful reward with M-n-M's.
Step 8: When misses come, and they will, get the child to the potty chair quickly and then clean up.

You will need to stay with your child and watch pretty close/not get distracted.  This is an all day thing.  (Or at least a few hours.)  This way gets the child to learn and recognize when they need to go and most kids only need the one day of extensive training.  There will be accidents after get distracted but the initial day of "wet underwear" they usually are well on their way.

Wish me "Good Training"!

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