Monday, August 8, 2011

Lewis/Hall Vacation... Historic Village Time

If there is a historical village in the area, the Lewis family will be there!

 and since the children were literally climbing the walls... off we went...

 Seven of the nine Hall and Lewis kids!  Missing Will Hall and Seven Lewis.

 I'm a sucker for a pretty garden

 The General Store

 Required picture of a spinning wheel for Grandma Lewis

Required outhouse picture 

 Aren't you all glad we don't all have to live in only one room?

Trapper's cabin

 Church cemetery

Neither Bill nor Will Hall thought this grave marker very funny.  Six year old Will asked his dad..."Am I dead?"

 The little church

 Would make a cute little wedding place

 Bill and Heather keeping their marriage healthy

 It was very hot and humid

 I want this garden

 The raspberries were so good and the corn tall

Relaxing in the shade

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