Monday, June 24, 2013

Can't Wait For Cherry Season!

You know why I can't wait for cherry season?  Because then my strawberries will be done.  Now don't get me wrong. I have a love for strawberries and I will appreciate all the hard work my girls and I put in harvesting and prepping them for putting up come say as soon as August but right now I am strawberried out! 

When cherry season comes I will go to my u-pick farm.  Pick as many as I plan to need for pie filling, canning, jam, freezing etc. and then go home and put them up and be done with it.  I will not have to harvest for days on end because I'm unwilling to see any go to waste. This will change in the future of course because we plan on putting in cherry trees but for now I must u-pick off property and be happy for a bit of recovery from those blasted strawberries

Today Andi Rose and I picked for at least two hours and then Seven spent just as much time cleaning and hulling them. Tomorrow we have guests coming over for a quilting day so when we get a chance to pick again on Wednesday I imagine it will take us just as long. I guess the plants are making up for last season's miserable crop.

 Okay, I'm off to bed and hopefully I don't dream of strawberries!

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