Saturday, June 29, 2013

They're Here!!!

My Mommy and Daddy are visiting! They faithfully come every summer for a month all the way to Grand Rapids from Seattle. We love having them here.  When we were renting they stayed at a campground about a mile away from where we lived but now that we have land they just pull their RV around back and hook up to our electricity and water.  We still haven't figured how to hook up sewer but there is another campground about a mile away where they could dump if needed. (We seem to live by campgrounds.)

My mom and dad are continually downsizing and every year they bring more things our way.  This year my mom brought me a wonderful family heirloom... a quilt that my grandmother (my dad's mom) and her sister's worked on with their church in the 1940's.  My dad thinks it was made by the Lutheran Ladies Aux. of Underwood, ND sometime before his family moved to the west coast.  The best part is that my great-aunts and my grandmother have signed it!  I am so pleased to have it and can't wait to pass it down through to the next generation. 

 The quilt
 Aunt Hannah
 Aunt Ida
Grandma (Mrs.  Frieda Schuh)


Catherine Lewis said...

What a treasure. I am so glad you appreciate these heirlooms. I am sure I have a few to pass along as well!

Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

Yah! I will willingly take what I am placed in charged with and teach the younger generation to appreciate it too!

Anonymous said...

PRICELESS work of art and love.