Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mrs. P Laid An Egg!

That's my girl!  Mrs. P is back to laying!  This afternoon when I went into the barn to check on food and water supplies Mrs. Q ran right up to me as usual but not Mrs. P.  I thought that unusual because Mrs. P is always out to welcome me so I looked around the barn and couldn't find her.  I looked in the yard and couldn't find her.  Then I remembered when I couldn't find Mrs. Q and she turned up in a private corner of the barn laying an egg.  So I went back in and checked in nooks and crannies.  No Mrs. P.  Then I just happened to look under the tractor and there she was. She looked up at me but wouldn't move for me to check for an egg.  When I tried to move her she squawked something fierce and set off Jack and Sawyer a squawking. The noise in the barn was rock concert loud and highly comical.
My son needed to mow the grass so I told him to come out and start the tractor up but not move it.  Surely the sound will scare her and she'll move, right?  NOPE.  She just hunkered down more.  I finally had my son back up very slowly and carefully and only when the tractor wasn't over her anymore did she move.  You should have seen her sass my son for disturbing her nesting place.  But it was good that she was distracted because I was able to swoop down and grab not only her egg but apparently Mrs. Q's too.  I hope this means that she would make a good momma if we want to hatch some chicks. It will be interesting to see where the ladies lay their eggs tomorrow.  I really need to get them a nesting box set up.

On an off note... here is a picture of some of my pantry jewels... strawberry-rhubarb jam!

And while I picked more strawberries today...

...Taylor posed for a family picture with her husband, Tigger, and all their children.

She will always tell you that Tigger is her husband but a couple of days ago she said she wanted to marry Mickey (mouse).  When I asked, "What about Tigger?" , she looked at me strange and said, "You mean I can only marry one!?"  Oh, boy... I sense trouble ahead when she gets older.

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