Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Good Old-Fashioned Taffy Pull!

The final products: Strawberry and Watermelon Taffy (With a few molded chocolates thrown in for good measure!)

Before that we had to cut and wrap the taffy.

And before that we had to pull taffy...

and nap...

and pull taffy...

and pull the taffy somemore!
We made taffy at our ladies Titus 2 meeting at church Saturday. We had a great time learning to boil the sugar to the right temp and cool it and color and flavor it and then pull it (twenty minutes of pulling) to the right texture. It was a great activity to bring all ages together.
Our church rents meeting space from a local Christian school and in order to use their commercial kitchen for candy making we needed to have a state certifide food safety person present. My husband happens to be certifide, through Costco, and volunteered not only to attend and be a presence but to help as well. He pulled a lot of taffy for us ladies. He even had blisters on his hands at the end.
The ladies were able to take home baggies of candy to share with the rest of their families to most of the men and boy's delight. The men like the fruits of our "practical homemaking" endevours.
We have these "Far Above Rubies" meetings every one to two months on Saturdays and hit different aspects of homemaking. We have studied gardening, bread making, cheese making, crafting,canning and frugality. We have picked strawberries and made jam, made pumpkin pie from pumpkins- not a can, and much more. Next month we are going to a farmer's market to see what's fresh and local in our area and learn to prepare meals from scratch with that abundance.
This is a good time of skill learning and Bible study. (It's great to learn skills but we also believe that the reason we learn this skills is to glorify God and so we learn his Word at these meetings too.) Woman of all ages are encouraged to come so we can train up our daughters in these skills that our Feministic culture tells us are worthless. If you have questions on how to start one of these groups up at your church, drop me a comment.

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