Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm a killer!

A dandelion killer.

The DH asked the the kids and I to pick all the dandelions in the yard in an effort to stop their seeds spreading and erradicate the herb from our yard. Notice I said herb, not weed. I am personally pro-life when it comes to dandelions. They are a pretty and useful flower. I don't understand the suburban man's lawn fixation. Why must you only have one type of grass growing in your lawn and why in the world would you want to spread poison all over it to stop useful herbs from growing. Freedom for herbs!

Alas my DH is one of those men. He does not want anything but grass growing in his lawn. He cringes at the thought of ripping out the lawn and planting something as ridiculous as... food. Anywhoo... as a submissive wife... the kids and I went out and picked everylast flower and stem we could find. Luckily we did not have to dig up the roots- we'd still be digging when the first snow falls next winter.

After we were done I noticed my neighbor/landlord went out and spread chemical poison- ahhh- fertilizer over the yard. Sigh. Silly-minded men and their lawn egos.

If you want to read up on the GOOD that are dandelions go here.


Jendi said...

I'm assuming you know that they are edible. I've eaten the leaves on salad. I know a lady that said her family was known for dandelion wine, but I don't advise that. :)

Cyndi Lewis said...

Oh, yes! They are quite edible, as long as they aren't picked from an area that has been poisened with weed killer or chemical fertilizer. They are reported to be chock full of vitamins and very good for you. I keep telling my husband that when and if the world system crashes he'll be very glad to have dandelions in the yard. I do not believe we will be making dandelion wine though. We are not wine drinkers.