Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Prize 2013

'Tis the season!  Grand Rapids annual art competition has arrived once more.  Since our daughter had a doctor's appt. downtown we took a field trip day and saw just a very small portion of what was entered in the contest.

 Pastels on wood- a rendition of the Last Supper

Even the River gets art in it.

...And the bridges...

Using recycled or found objects is always popular .

Sculpture and bells made from old oxygen tanks. My kids enjoyed those.

The Artist and an attendee play Amazing Grace on the bells.

Who doesn't love a family of giant yellow ducks?

Nemo was there.  This was made with tack nails and sequins.

Giant "recycled" dragon... old metal and tires, tube lights and a big propane tank to make it breathe fire in time to music.



Bronze sculpture...

Or is it performance art?

Living plant wall art
We enjoyed ourselves and there was plenty of eye candy.  But after we got home my husband and I discussed that there was nothing we saw that really blew us away.  I guess I'm a traditionalist and am looking for art that I can't replicate, that takes real talent and skill not just a clever mind.  I'm sure that those pieces exist in the competition but we didn't come across them.  Again, we saw only a very tiny bit of what was on display. I will try to post and link to the winners when they are announced.  I'm sure those will be more traditional "fine" art.

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