Thursday, September 5, 2013

Too Many Happenings Around The Homestead!

Sometimes I don't post because nothing particularly exciting is going on.  Other times like, these past few days, I don't post because there is too much going on.  My husband rotated to a new position at work, we started a school, we started a new schedule, and I've been canning tomatoes.

My husband has moved to receiving manager instead of administration manager. That means instead of closing the warehouse and getting home around 11:00pm, he opens the warehouse and goes in at 4:00am.  This also means that he gets up at 3:00am.  Guess what time I get to get up at?  Yep... 3:00am. Yeah!

I get up at that time to make John's coffee, breakfast and pack him a lunch.  Also, if I can stay awake, that gives me time to have a personal quiet time (that really is quiet), computer time, writing time, time to get ready for the day, time to clean and time to make breakfast for the kids before they get up and start their days.  It all looks really good on paper but 3:00am is really early.

The kids get up at 8:00 and eat, get ready for the day, do their morning chores and are ready to start school by 9:30. The school day keeps me busy rotating between children and their subject needs. Sometimes I am free if they don't need a lot of help.  Other times I have very little free time.  School is done by 4:00 and I get a few minutes to breathe before dinner prep, dinner, family time and bed.  It is a very full day but the schedule allows us to keep on task. There are days (like tomorrow- my daughter's birthday) that we throw out the schedule all together and just enjoy the day.  Also we had to toss the schedule yesterday because we have tomatoes to can.  But that is okay.  My goal is to be productive so schedule or no as long as what needs to get done, gets done it is a good day.

How do you do all you need to?


Catherine Lewis said...

I don't know how you do it. I do not work and still can't get anything done. I think mine is motivation. No energy and just plain lazy!

Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

I think those are the reasons I am a little stressed this week. I lack energy, and am basically a sluggard. LOL! I am motivated some of the time! I think I'd like to be a housecat. Eat, sleep and be pet.