Thursday, September 26, 2013

Homesteading Means Staying At Home

Just a couple of nights ago I was sighing and feeling extremely stressed out and unhappy because all I seem to be doing lately is running around.  An errand here, the library there, this child here, that child there... Frustrating! I just want to be at home doing the things that need to be done.

Well, today the Lord gave me a nudge to remind me that He is in control.  The brakes on my car are failing and Farmer John deemed the car unsafe to drive.  BOOM!  Just like that I don't have to run around anymore.  I get to stay home.  Now, it actually is kinda inconvenient (Had to put my son's guitar lessons on hold and when do I grocery shop?) but really it is a blessing in disguise.

My husband's work schedule is such that he will be home so that I can have the car for Wed. evening church services, and city girl's theater lessons  (for 10 weeks) and he will be off most Sunday's as well. Those are the important things. Everything else will work itself out.

We currently don't have the funds to get the car fixed so we are going to be living life as a one car family for a while but I really don't mind. The Lord never works in ways that I expect but he knows what is best for me.  The Homestead is where my heart is!  Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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The Paisley Butterfly said...

We have a similar situation: my breaks have a leak and my car has been sitting in the driveway, unfixed, for about 6 weeks. Yesterday and today, I dropped my husband off at work. Yesterday I grocery shopped and today we have a friend to visit. We almost never have 2 cars working at one time. However, God placed us in a location that is close to everything we need. God does provide, and God does reveal His ways. We just need to be patient while waiting on Him. We also need to be willing to see His provisions for us, in whatever form He chooses. God bless you and your family in all you do!