Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Homestead Firsts- Little Eggs & Skinned Tomatoes

My little Barred Rock Hens (and one rooster) that we brought home from the farm store this spring have grown up.

We are now finding little eggs in the nesting boxes of the chicken tractor.  We even found one with out a shell.  It only had the membrane.  It is fun to hear the hens cluck after they've laid their first egg.

Also for the first time ever I de-skinned tomatoes.  My pretty batch of fresh tomatoes went from shiny and pretty to naked.

I was surprised how easy the skin came off.  Just a 45 second swim in boiling water and they just peel right off.  It was surprisingly satisfying!  I came away with 12 quarts of canned tomatoes with tons more waiting on the vines out in the garden.

I have a love/hate relationship with canning.  It seems like such a hassle and takes such a long time (Especially when you run out of lemon juice and have to wait till your husband comes home from work before you can go get more. Cough. Cough.) But it is such a feeling of accomplishment when you look at the finished product sitting on your counter and down in the larder.

What do you all preserve?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE to make jam. You can make it out of ANYTHING. I even saw a recipe in an early 1900's (I think it was) cookbook for tomato jam! I haven't tried that. It did not sound appealing. I did make my own ketchup though. It was wonderful. Thick, but different from store bought. The flavor was better than any I had tasted and I could pronounce all the ingredients! You know? It was kind of sweet. I wonder if tomato jam is anything like ketchup...lol.

Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

Can't do it. Tomato Jam just doesn't sound appealing. Ketchup yes, tomato juice yes but not jam. Good luck to you if you try it.