Saturday, August 25, 2007

Homemade Pizza

It is a remarkable thing to make pizza at home. My children, who generally vanish into thin air around dinner prep time, wouldn't leave me alone. The younger two insisted on helping roll out the dough. (Made in the bread machine.) Reagan was thrilled that she could make hand prints in the dough. The older two wanted to spread out the sauce, put on the pepperoni and put on the cheese. I guess "I" should make pizza more often.


seven said...

yum!I love homemade pizza.

Mrs. U said...

I agree with "seven", I LOVE homemade pizza! Sadly, though, I do not love my pizza dough. Would you mind sharing yours? I have some dear friends that make the BEST pizza dough, but it's an old family recipe and they can't share it. :(

Mrs. U