Thursday, August 30, 2007

School at the Farmer's Market

Yesterday we took our first field trip of the school year. I needed to buy produce at the local farmer's market so the kids were told to load up with pencil and notebooks for a practical lesson.

We were on day three of creation and studying land vegetation. I had the kids list everything they saw at the market that came from plants. Of course they had a long list of fruits and veges but they needed to be reminded that bread came from plants (wheat), and the calligrapher's paper came from trees, and the woodworker's wares came from trees.

We also did math. They had to find the best buys for me and add up the total and figure out the change from what I paid. They even had to do division when I asked how much each cookie in the 6 pak cost and multiplication when I bought 8 ears of corn priced per four pieces.

I like practical lessons to remind the kids that they will use the facts learned in school in everyday life. It also livens up the day.

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