Saturday, June 7, 2008

I don't have a hobby room...

The new storage system w/ poser popping into the picture.

The old storage system... half emptied

The "Stash" all over the floor.

The "Craft Corner"

...I have a craft corner! After digging all the craft and sewing supplies out of the garage last weekend, I have finally gotten them organized. After storing my fabric stash in a moving box, in the garage for three years, I've finally gotten it organized into a storage bin. I also have everything I need in one place now. The craft corner! My DH has two bins for fly tying and I have two bins for sewing/quilting!

The beauty is, for convienence we can leave them in the corner most of the time, yet if we need to move them (if we have people over) we can easily transport them out of the room. I would love to have a really cute craft room but then the husband would need a Man Den for his fly tying. At least we have a corner!


Mother Hen said...

Hi Cyndi,
I admire your organized Craft Corner!

Dana said...

Love your space! I can't wait to see your blue quilt all finished!