Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mother of 1?

My three school age kids are at a VBS day camp all week. They go from 9am-2pm. They are having a blast but it's been hard on my youngest who has mixed feelings on being an only child. She loves that she has all of my attention but I know she longs to join in the fun the other kids are having.

I myself am adjusting to the time with just one. This is the first time we've experienced this for any continuing length of time, since we homeschool. The house is sooo... quiet! There is no arguing, especially over the t.v. . Very unique. Wow! It's so relaxing.


Jendi said...

My problem is that I'm already signed up to help with VBS. LOL!:)

Cyndi Lewis said...

Yah, I know Jendi. I'll be helping with my church's too. I'll have Reagan by my side the entire time. I'm just doing the food aspect of it though(snacks and the closing picnic). This week's VBS is at a friend's church.

Marcia Wilwerding said...

I know it may be difficult while you still have one, but imagine how much more peaceful your home would be if you sent the t.v. somewhere instead of the kids -- for good. ;) Just a thought from a former t.v. junkie.

Cyndi Lewis said...

Yes, I have thought many times of getting rid of the t.v. The DH is not there yet. But don't worry. I don't send the kids off very often. This is the first time in almost twelve years that they've participated in something like this and only because it is a friend's church. While I am enjoying the break, I want them at home. It would be easy to sign them up for a VBS every week but that wouldn't benefit our family. We are not a family with a lot of outside activities. My oldest has some sewing classes this summer (the first classes she's ever taken)and we have some library programs to participate in. I don't mean to sound defensive but most people around us think we are wierd because we are always with our children, so the little they do outside the home is an exception, not the rule. I will concede that we are t.v. junkies in between family activities though and sending the t.v. away would not hurt us. Thanks for caring enough to comment.