Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is your family prepared?

Rhubarb- not officially "in" the garden so it has more space to spread. (Same with our mint.)

The planted garden

I just found a great resource for preparedness/self-sufficiency/sustainable living. Check out THE PREPARED FAMILY at . I liked the Preparedness Challange. It is in week one so it's not too late to join. Here are the challanges and my answers.

1. Plant something: I just finished putting in the rest of my garden this week. I put in rhubarb, peppermint, onion, potatoes, squash and broccoli.

2. Harvest something: Uhmmm... I don't have anything ready to harvest at this point. I have been weeding.

3. Preserve something: Getting plans made to u-pick strawberries and can jam.

4. Prepare something: The DH has been working on tying more fishing flies.

5. Cook something: I cook everyday... last night's dinner was fried chicken. Tonight we are having nachos with refried beans.

6. Manage reserves: We just cleaned out our garage and can now reach our bean, wheat and rice reserves.

7. Work on the local food system: Will be checking in at the local strawberry farm for info on when their harvest will be ready.

8. Learn or work on a new skill: Will be sewing, quilting, baking and candy making this week and next.

9. Serve someone: I served my DH by planting rhubarb. (I can't stand the stuff) I am also planning my church's Far Above Rubies (Titus 2) classes for early and late summer as well as fall.

Now it's your turn: Tell me in the comment section what you are doing!


Melonie said...

Hi Cyndi,

Thanks for blog mention and for taking the time to leave a comment on my new blog!

Your garden looks wonderful - can't wait til we are back in a house where we can plant more again. Looks like it'll be a while, so I guess our plants will have to "bloom where they're planted" in their containers. *chuckle*

Starfish Mama said...

It's fun to see the challenge spread. :) I posted my week one update on Sunday - the next one will be this coming Sunday. I find that I am thinking about it all the time during the week. I'll have to find something to preserve, LOL. In the heat of August, I'll have to find something to plant.