Friday, June 6, 2008

Seven is spending the summer learning to sew

My oldest is thrilled to be signed up for four sewing classes this summer. She will be learning to make pillowcases, a back pack, a tote bag, and a skirt! Plus she is excited to start learning to quilt. (I will be teaching her that.) We have picked up all her supplies and fabric and she even got her very own sewing tote. (Actually it's a scrapbookers supply case but she liked it and it fits her supplies quite well. Her fabric stash is tiny, currently- give her time!)

I hope she learns her lessons well enough to start a sewing business of some sort. She is already dangerous at the fabric store- oohhing and aahhing at all the fabric choices and planning things she can make for family and friends. She'll need $$ to support her habit. Did I mention she already (at 11 1/2) wants a pink VW bug of her own. You sew girl! (Cause Mom and Dad can't afford 5- currently- used cars for kids let alone be buying new custom vehicles.

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Dana said...

Yea for Seven! Katie and I just spent an hour at Jo-Ann's and she was oohing and ahhing over the fabrics too. She REALLY wants to sew NOW!

With you encouraging Seven, plus her desire to sew, I'm sure she'll do great in her class--and have fun too! Let us know how it goes!