Friday, June 13, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Every once in a while we break out the craft supplies and create. The above picture is of my middle daughter's party invites. Card stock, scrapbook paper, computer printed wording, scrapbook embellishment flowers, sequins and stamps. We had it all on hand and we had a blast creating. The flip flop was made from a quilting pattern I had from a magazine.

The back of the invite: More computer wording and stamps. Simple yet pretty!

Here's the front of our Father's Day card; card stock, stamps and individually cut out computer lettering.

This card has an inside, unlike the invites that are just a front and back. I wrote a message on the top portion and printed out pictures of the kids/dad fishing, cut them out and glued them in. For those of you wondering about the bottom picture... John was showing off his "Bogga Grip". (Last year's Father's Day gift.) It's a tool that helps you lift fish out of the water. He was demonstrating that it could lift up to a fifty pound fish by lifting our 30 pound three year old. Don't worry... it didn't hurt her. She kept asking for him to do it again. He only did it once.

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Muum said...

Those are so cute! I have to rely on my grown kids for that level of scrapping!

Constance said...

First off..LOVED the Pool Party invitatons! They are really cute! My daughter Jessica is a photographer and does stationary, cards etc, she would appreciate that as well!

Secondly...LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the picture of your Hub with the fish grip! It is exactly what my fishing Hubby would do too! He spent all day this past Saturday fishing for Walleye up in Oklahoma! Can't wait for the fish fry!

Hootin' Anni said...

Great invitations. All the work is so unique and real treasures. Awesome Show N Tell.

Hope you're having a super Friday.

Barbara H. said...

Those look great, especially the pool party ones!

Mother Hen said...

I love the pool party invitations. So cool!

Tammy said...

So creative! :)

nannykim said...

Sounds like a lot of Work; but coooool;-)