Friday, June 20, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

I guess it was pillow case week at the Lewis house. Here is my oldest daughter's first, on-her-own, sewing machine project. She is very proud of her flip-flop pillow case. She was in a class at a local sewing machine store and later in July and August she has more sewing classes at the local fabric store. She is really excited about sewing.

Flip-flops close up with accent strip and cuff

This is a pillowcase my DH made for our youngest daughter. I picked out the fabric and ribbon and was going to sew it but my "crafty/handy" hubby beat me to it. Did I mention he will also quilt, cook and make soap with me. He likes to create as much as I do.

Close up!

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Mother Hen said...

How cool that your hubby sews! And your daughter's project came out beautiful.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Great project!

Capturing Today said...

Those turned out very nice! My hubby likes to help me with my home canning and scrapbooking - it's fun to have projects to work on together!

Barbara H. said...

Those are both beautiful! It's so neat that your daughter is learning to sew early, and that your husband likes to craft, too!

Jendi said...

I don't remember you saying that he sews/quilts! I remember a story of him cooking.

Do you fish or tie those fish things with him? [you can tell we don't.]

It's nice to have a husband that can help with all kinds of things.

Dana said...

Both projects are gorgeous! Seven's friends will all be envious that she has such a cool pillowcase.

I think it's great that your DH sews. Rick can't sew on a button, but he does do ALL the laundry and the dishes!

Can't wait to see the other projects Seven sews this summer!


Dana said...

Have you seen this:

I thought you and Seven might be interested in sewing for them!

Blessings again--

Muum said...

those are lovely. the flip flop fabric is so cute! I love all those fabrics available these days. My daughter made pillow cases, too, and we made pj pants (and bought some of the T shirts they have at the fabric stores to match) . I am always on the lookout for quick! projects for her.

Dana said...

Are you guys doing ok? Are you going to start blogging again? How's the family? How's the bambino-in-the-belly? Are you tired of all the questions?