Monday, July 8, 2013

A Monday On The Homestead...

Apparently 1/2 my teenage chickens have decided that they should be free-range.  I am consistently finding them outside the pen.  They fly to the top of the fence and then jump off or fly to the top of the chicken tractor.  I wouldn't mind so much but I don't want my garden eaten up by them.

The only chickens that do have permission to free-range are Mrs. Q. and Mrs. P.

If you noticed, at the end of the video were my two adult roosters, Jack (shorter/fatter) and Sawyer (taller/thinner).  Also, if you noticed, on the fence there are two killing cones my husband made and mounted.  Those boys are more trouble then they're worth.  One of my hens has a horrid wound all down her side because of them and most of my other hens have puncture wounds.  We filed down the fellas' spurs but it didn't really help much. So, this coming Saturday, we will be inducted into the butchering club.  I'm not really relishing it because I do enjoy them and they are pretty but I think my adult hens will fare better and in two or three more months Snowball will be mature and take over rooster duties without anyone to challenge him. 

I have mullein growing back in the field which I plan on harvesting to use in herbal medicine.  I walked back this morning to grab a picture or two. 

Here are the killing cones up close and personal.  John spent last Saturday building and mounting them and then pouring over internet video and through our chicken raising books to learn what to do past the initial action.  I asked if he thought he got the process down and he said he did.  I hope so... I'm just going to be following his instructions.  I will probably blog about our process but I don't think I'm going to be taking pictures so everyone can let out a sigh of relief.

Now after all that cheery talk about offing offending roosters... let's have breakfast! Homemade scones with homemade strawberry jam and homemade whipping cream!  Yummm!!!!

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