Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weeding & Sweating To The Oldies


We're out in the garden today.  Can't ask for more perfect gardening weather.  It is sunny and 75'ish.  Still when you are out there working it gets hot and let's face it, weeding is not the most intellectually stimulating activity around.  So we got the idea to take out a fully charged computer and play music.  My daughter's band of choice?  The Beatles!  Andi Rose likes my music.

Well, not exactly "my" music.  I love the Beatles, but they broke up shortly after I was born.  I wanted to clarify that because I'm vain enough to not want to age myself more then I have to.  "My" music is 80's new wave and alternative which Andi likes too.

The time passed way too quick and soon we had our goal for the day met.  Yeah!  We figure if we weed consistently every single day (except Sundays) then we will be victorious over the weeds.

 Weeds vs. Vegetables

In other gardening news, we are buried beneath "green" beans and zucchini right now.  I say "green" because we also planted purple beans so we have both.  We haven't canned any yet but probably this weekend.  We don't have a pressure canner so we will pickle them.  The zukes we shred and freeze.  I most definitely have more than enough for the year. (No complaints- food is food and zukes are pretty darn versatile.)


Our peas are done and we even have some to save for seed for next year. That is the beauty of heirloom seeds! Wow, I can't believe that I'm thinking about next year while I'm still in the dirt of this year. In a few more days I'll be planting some things for fall gardening.  We're getting pretty serious about wanting to supply as much of our own food as possible. (Not that we're there yet.  I'm very thankful for grocery stores.)

Pea Seeds

What all are you planting, planning, harvesting? Do you use conventional or heirloom seeds?  Do you save seed?

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