Thursday, July 11, 2013

Teen #3 (And A Future Farmer- I Hope!)

13 years ago, on a warm sultry early morning in Meridian, Idaho, I was awakened from a good sleep at 5:30am with a pop-pop sensation/sound.  Did I dream it?  I'd better check.  Off to the bathroom I scuffled and sure enough my water had broken.  I hurried back to the bed to tell my husband and before he had fully woken my contractions had started in full.  I called the hospital, went outside to the travel trailer my parents were staying in to let them know what was going on and off we went to the hospital in downtown Boise.  It took about thirty minutes from our house to the birthing floor.

During the drive I remember telling my husband that everything was okay.  He didn't need to speed because my contractions weren't very bad. (Our first child came in 2 hrs, the second was induced for various reasons.)  We parked and I waddled up to the birth floor and was just about to check in when this tremendous contraction hit.  I remember looking up at the clock.  It was 6:10am.

I was escorted to triage and the nurse proceeded to ask me to change and of course, pee in a cup. I went in and changed but was unable to oblige the nurse with the other.  I was in a lot of pain, there was a lot of blood and it just wasn't gonna happen.  When I returned and told her I couldn't go she got me up on the table to check my progress.  The next words I heard were, "I see a head!"  Then she turned to the other nurse behind her and said, "Get me the resident on duty, STAT! We are having a baby right here."

The resident got there pretty darn quick but that nurse almost delivered without him, all the time apologizing that I wasn't in a private birthing suite. (Uhmmm... I was not caring where I was.  I just wanted to finish the task at hand.) My son was born around 6:30am.  My own doctor hadn't even made it despite my persistent warnings to him that I birth fast.  "Don't worry," he said. "I live ten minutes from the hospital." Ha!  I got to tell him, "I told you so."

It is only fitting that we had chosen the name Remington for him because he shot out like a bullet! One hour- start to finish.

Today, thirteen years in the future, a wonderful young man stands before me and I am blessed.  He is a crazy silly kid but I see a godly man starting to form.  God is good!  Happy Birthday Remington Carlisle Lewis!!!

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