Saturday, July 6, 2013

Removing Garden Carpet...

You know that Ben Franklin saying... "A stitch in time saves nine"?  Yep... truth!  We put off weeding in favor of other farm chores, mainly keeping up with the strawberries and now we will pay dearly.  We have hours of weeding ahead of us.  Almost all of our garden beds are entirely carpeted.  Pretty but not practical.  Between rain, hot and humid weather, mosquitoes and other commitments we just haven't gotten out there to do it.  Now we have no choice.  Our veges are still healthy and growing but I don't want to lose harvest because I didn't weed.

We have chosen to go organic and not use any chemical weed control.  I don't even want chemical fertilizer on my lawn.  We have tried mulching: wood chips, leaves, straw, newspaper... we still have weeds.  There just isn't anyway around it.

I actually find weeding relaxing but my children are not fans and I don't like "whine" in my garden.  That is what makes weeding unbearable for me.  I think today, since it is hot and humid, we will use the 1/2 hour on, 1/2 off method.  I also think my 1/2 hour off will be spent in the kiddie pool or fighting the mosquitoes back in the woods and setting a lawn chair in the creek.  I admit to having elements of redneckness in me.

Despite the weeds we have peas galore, tomatoes forming, squash and beans blooming and basil out of control and tons of greens!  I'm thinking I need to watch Craigslist for a cheap used electric stove to put outside for an outdoor canning kitchen so I can put up the bounty without heating the house up. (We are being frugal and trying to avoid using air conditioning.)

Well, I guess I'd better feed the tribe lunch and head out to "roll up" the "carpet".  I wish it were going to be that easy.

Have a great day!

 Carpeted root crops!
Endive, Chard, Kale and some Dill

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