Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catch Up!

Sorry for going MIA this week. Monday and Wednesday were incredibly busy and the DH has been hoarding the computer more than usual. Tuesday... I just found I had nothing to say. Such things happen.

The first thing I want to post today is.... It's Spring! Today is the first day of Spring. I am getting so anxious to start my container garden, and go rock hunting on the beach, and eat outdoors. Of course we might get snow this weekend. I really hope the kids don't have to hunt eggs in the snow.

2nd item of business... Rachelle Gardner over at is holding a writing contest. There are two different parts to it and the prize is pretty awesome for those of us wanna be writers. You have until Saturday to enter. Check it out!

3rd item of business... I didn't get a scholarship to the writing conference I wanted to attend. I got REJECTED! But that's just the name of the game. Getting rejected is actually okay at this point. It shows that at least I'm out there trying. Now, 100-200 rejections later and I might be getting a bit more dejected about rejection.

Last item... Brenners over at holds Write it Out Wednesday. I seem to be bad at posting it on Wednesday but here is my take on this week's exercise.

Jane (Girl in left forefront): Can you believe it? Prince Harry just winked at me!

Candance (Girl middle) to herself: Of course he just winked at you... your dress is stuck in the backside of your knickers.

Susan (Girl on right): Jane, will you accompany me to the loo please. I have something important to show you.

To have the above make more sense to you, check out Brenner's blog. You can also get the next exercise. Cheers!

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Jill S. said...

I loved the pic of the flowers. I am still buried in snow and was drawn in by the colors!