Friday, March 14, 2008

Frugal Fridays- Outing at Lake Michigan

I love living in Western Michigan. We are only 1/2 hour from Lake Michigan. It is fun to go to the lakeshore in all seasons. In Summer we swim and lounge, in Winter we awe at the ice formations on the lake, in Fall the forest foliage adds beauty to the beach. I will count today as early Spring.

We need to take my youngest to the doctor very near the lake shore and since we will be in the area we will stop by the county park. From Memorial Day to Labor Day there is a nominal charge but the rest of the year is free.

We will be bundled in winter coats but it is fun to explore the forest paths and see where spring is bursting forth. In a few more weeks we will be flying kites, and packing picnics.

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Jendi said...

Beautiful! Did you know that my state, PA, technically borders Canada because of one of the great lakes?
We're both on the border. :)

Lydia said...

Tunnel Park! We must be neighbors(Holland). We love that place! Kirk Park, a little north of Tunnel Park, we also enjoyed.

Cyndi Lewis said...


It's a small world. Yes, these are pictures from both Tunnel and Kirk parks. We live in Hudsonville. We frequent Holland and Grand Haven St. Parks too. I also like the Rosy Mound Natural area just south of Grand Haven. It's hard to find a bad spot on Lake Michigan.

Terra Hangen said...

I grew up across the street from Lake Michigan, in Wisconsin, so I know how you love the lake and all of its moods.
I am a Christian writer and gardener with a blog at
I'd love you to visit it.