Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My husband is a fish groupie!

Men can be so funny. My DH loves fly fishing. He goes often and has all the equipment needed. He has a group of fishing buddies too. Last night he and his buddies all went to a special showing of some independent fishing movie. Yes, that's right... a fishing movie.

The DH wore his fly fishing shirt (It's a special breathable fabric design to allow the fisherman to not get hot and sweaty.) and his fly fishing hat. I don't mean any ol' baseball cap. It's the Ross Reels USA cap. (It means something to fly fishermen- I just am not sure what. Maybe its a status thing?) I laughed when he came out of the bedroom ready to go. I asked him if he didn't want to wear his waders and bring his fishing rod along. He laughed with me in good humor.

When he got home he was all stoked about the movie (of guys fishing in different places). He chattered on about the size of the fish and how cool the movie was and how crowded the theater was. I guess people came from a couple of hours away to see the film. When I asked him if other people had worn their fishing shirts and hats, he puffed up and said, "They sure did."

LOL! These are grown men! And FISH! My DH was like a teenage girl who had just come home from her first boy band concert.

I love my husband, fishing quirks and all.

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