Monday, March 3, 2008

The Lewis Household is expecting another kid...

I haven't confirmed it with my doctor yet but I have taken two tests.

The first test I took last week when I was pretty sure I was late. The result was inconclusive. My oldest daughter and I agreed I was pregnant. There was a very faint line in the section that was supposed to show the result. My husband (maybe it was denial) said that didn't count because it was barely showing and he felt the line should be bright blue like the control line.

Well, I waited a week. (Good thing the double test kit was cheaper then the single.) Today, it didn't even take a minute. Two very bright lines showed up on the test.

Here's a poll of the family: Dad thinks we need another boy and son thinks we need another boy. The three year old says she wants to be a big sister. The older girls think a girl is in order and I think a boy would be good for the men in the family but I think it will be a girl.

Before I was even dating my husband, we were hanging out in a group of friends, talking about the future and one girl said, "John's going to end up with five girls." John promptly replied, "And I'll love every one of them." Now, he doesn't recall saying that, but let me tell you, I remember. It was one of the first things that inclined my attention toward him- how many 21 year old guys say things like that? Well, we have three girls and we lost another little girl at 8 months into a pregnancy, so if this baby was a girl, that would be girl #5. Yes, I think crazy like that.

I also have to confess to thinking girls are a lot easier, for me, then boys to raise. I can deal with all the emotional hoopla. It's the physical antics of my boy that tire me out. My mom (who had four boys and myself) once sent me a cartoon. A mom was asking her daughter what she planned to do that day. The girl answered that she was going to finish reading a book and then draw some pictures. Next the mom asked her son his plans. The little boy had two plungers and some rope in his hand and said, "I'm going to see if I can walk on the ceiling." That just sums up the difference in boys and girls to me.

We have a boy name- have had it for a long time. Winchester Alan Lewis.

We need to have a girl name. I like Eliza Jane but the husband wasn't too thrilled with it. I'll have to research more family names. We generally go with a more unique first name and a traditional middle name: Seven Louise, Andi Rose, Remington Carlyle, Reagan Catherine. (Louise, Carlyle, Catherine and also Alan are all names-first or middle- of grandparents.)

If you have suggestions let us know! It would appear that the baby will arrive sometime in November, God willing. If you are inclined, please pray for the health of the baby and myself as I am the dreaded "38" years old which put both of us in the "risky" pregnancy category.

I also will share that the DH and I don't plan pregnancies or use birth control. I was ready to have kids about a year before the DH but when he finally was ready (about three years into the marriage) he said that we should give our planning to the Lord. So ever since, God has been in control. This is to reassure people who are contemplating family planning that giving God control of your family doesn't have to mean 16 children- though it may. God knows exactly what everyone can handle and won't give you more than that.

I also want to give a shout out to my sister-in-law (DH's little sister). Angela and Grant Dilger are expecting their 7th baby. They got married about six years after us, so that just shows that God does different things in each family.


mamaof3 said...

Congratulations! I will pray that all goes well. That's very exciting!

Dana said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting! I'll certainly be praying for a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy for you!

By the way, I once took a pregnancy test while I was on the phone with my best friend. I told her that if there was going to be a line, I could see where it would be. She said that if there's ANY indication of any type of line that's visible, then it's positive! She was right!

Many, many blessings--

Jendi said...

Is it on purpose that both boys names are guns?
There is a site. Maybe something dealing with Thanksgiving or the Pilgrims since it will be November?

Cyndi Lewis said...

Yes, the boy names are guns and its on purpose. We are huge 2nd amendment rights believers. Also the husband loves hunting and outdoor sports. Lastly we have just always thought they were very manly sounding and presidential too.