Monday, March 31, 2008

I have surrendered!

Yesterday I finally sent the DH to the store for saltine crackers. I couldn't stand the constant "sick" feeling any longer. I think today I should buy stock in Nabisco. The crackers have helped a lot. I also find that if I'm craving something and eat it, it doesn't make me sick. However, if I'm not craving something and eat it- sick. Fair enough... I should eat what I crave. Unfortunately that has been seafood. Salmon, crab, lobster, shrimp etc. Not exactly frugal items. My husband treated me to Red Lobster last night but that can't happen too often.

The DH is fishing today but it is a catch and release only river. Sigh... I would love fresh pan-fried trout for dinner. Why can't I be craving pickles? So much easier and cheaper! I know several of my readers out in blog land are pregnant too. Do/did you all have cravings? What are/were they?

Also, I have read that cravings usually mean your body is deficient in something. If I'm craving fish and seafood what do you all think my body is needing?


Brenners said...

My cravings vary from day to day. Right now, mine are CHUNKS of real meat... steak, pork, hamburgers, etc. Clearly a need for protien. Was eggs a couple weeks ago. Now the thought of them makes me sick. Pickles make me happy, happy for about 3 minutes.

During my first pregnancy, the main thing I learned to love mustard... I used to hate it. Second pregnancy, I began to love Dr. Pepper... I used to dislike it. I haven't found the one taste bud change yet. But the one reocurring craving with each pregnancy pretty much all the time is real 100% meat.

I have found that chewing gum helps the sick feeling. Doesn't make it go away, but holds it back a little when I can't be eating 24/7.

Billie said...

Thanks so much for your awesome encouragement! It's nice to know that othr writers struggle too!

I hope you get through the sickenss quickly. I had that almost everytime. I craved carbs big time. I always wanted soft pretzels!

Brenners said...

Hey! My first line was mentioned too. (Third one about luck) LOL! Must've been bad to be mentioned in the most recent blog. Ah well... it was fun!

Dana said...

I never made it past the 11 week mark, but still craved raw broccoli each time, the entire time. The only thing that helped the sick feeling was ginger ale and saltines. Lots of ginger ale. The smell of cooking meat would send me through the roof...and straight to the bathroom. ugh. I also couldn't stand the smell of DH's after shave. lol

I certainly hope you are feeling better soon. I've heard that the stronger the sickness and cravinge, the stronger the baby is growing so it's a good thing.