Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Write it out Wednesdays

This is what I worked on for this week. I think it needs more polishing if it were to become an actual poem but I'm pleased with it for the amount of time I was able to spend.

5 Senses On A Sandy Lake Michigan beach:

Stepping into the sand, my feet sink into the softness. The heat is not searing, but more like the comforting warmth of a grandmother’s quilt. A breeze brushes past, caressing my body with a cool whisper while the sun’s rays kiss my bare skin. The water tickles at my toes: an enticement to plunge into the chilly depths. I accept the invitation and then return to let remaining droplets creep down my arms and legs onto the plush of cotton.

My eyelids pull shut with a heavy droop and I notice the smell of baking sand mingling with suntan lotion and sweet dune grass. An occasional waft of lake water evaporates like the top note of a French perfume, while bottled water refreshes my taste buds like the burst of a plump grape.

Chatter, the boom of a faint bass rhythm, laughter and the whir of water craft creep past. The gulls sing their song until the sharp horn of a sailboat silences them. The slap of a football landing against skin and the squeak of unfolding beach chairs tell me I have neighbors.

My eyes open and a prism of color surrounds me; the red of the lighthouse, the orange of the sun’s rays bouncing off the golden sand, the green of the shallow water, the blue of the deep, the indigo of a passing speed boat and the violet flowers dancing across the bathing suit of a little girl.

Only the dark chill of advancing storm clouds will call an end to this day.

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Kara S. said...

I tagged you in a meme - stop on by! :)

Brenners said...

Oh, I really like it. I felt like I was there. Really.

Now I'm ashamed I didn't write mine.