Friday, March 20, 2009

Garden Club Friday

Well, I wish I had some exciting news or pictures to show y'all, but even though today is the first day of spring, by the calendar, it is still too cold in Michigan to do anything. I did notice that some of the larger farms in the area have plowed their fields and I saw some farm hands laying down plastic over a field but for my little garden it is just to early. (Remember last year I planted in mid-May and still got caught by a frost.) So I will wait a few more weeks before getting my spot ready for planting. I don't intend to start much by seed so timewise I'll be fine.
Right now I have a plethora of garden reading to "plow" through: The Frugal Gardener by Catronia Tudor Erler (How to have more garden for less money), Vegetables by The American Horticultural Society (Illustarted encyclopedia of gardening), Organic Gardener's Composting by Steve Solomon, The City People's Book of Raising Food by Helga and William Olkowski (I'm currently on the chapter about soil and how to improve it.) and also The complete book of Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour. (It has a large section on food from the garden.) If I can't grow a good garden after reading all that then I guess I'm the farmer's market's best friend.
I'm itching to get started and jealous of those of you who are lucky enough to be able to start already! Kentucky and points south are sounding really good about now.
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petersonclan said...

Kentucky is one of the most beautiful spots on God's earth. However, you can laugh at us when we are having really hot weather and you are having it nice in the summer!

Thanks for participating in the Garden Club!