Friday, March 6, 2009

The Garden Club

My Garden is really sad looking. Here in Michigan it is far from garden season. Last week my garden plot was under snow: This week it is not, but it very well may be next week. You never know here. It isn't considered safe to plant until after Memorial Day. However today it was warm enough for tree fort building- thus enhancing the back yard "garden".

I have however started to consider what is going to be planted. I asked each child what they wanted in the garden (Seven- peas, Andi- carrots, Remington- pumpkins, Reagan- tomatoes) and then when I had their answers told them they would be in charge of said crops. I also want to do corn, summer squash and zucchini. The DH wants Rhubarb and I'm also considering doing a cook's herb garden and perhaps a small cutting flower garden.

Last year we didn't till (just turned soil over) and we didn't amend the soil in any way. This year we plan to till and amend. Also last year I planted too early and lost a really nice Costco tomato plant. This year my tomatoes are staying in pots up on the deck where I can take them in at night if I need to. I'm itching for the garden season to start and for the farmer's markets to start up too. I am definately ready for spring.

My sad looking little plot is just begging for some spring TLC!
Join the club and show off your garden and plans!

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