Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My current reading and new stuff

A trip to the library yesterday garnered two books on gardening, one on raising chickens and other livestock and one on making my own baby food. I wear my life on my coffee table. LOL!
It's almost time to start my vege garden, Taylor is already eating rice cereal and ready to move on to more options and I have set my goal to start raising chickens next spring. (I'd do it this year but I think my plate is full.) I'm also reading The City People's Book of Raising Food by Helga & William Olkowski. (I'm on the edge of suburbia- not city but not fully country either.)
I have also joined up with to start learning to shoot video for my blog and I joined Twitter but I don't know how much I'll tweet. It's hard enough to find time to blog. Thanks to Jendi over at Jendi's Journal for pushing me in that direction.