Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend Food Fun-Homemade Poptarts!

My "helper"

The finished product- Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

The eating of...

Okay, mine didn't turn out as good as hers, but my kids don't seem to care. For more weekend food fun go over to Ship Full O' Pirates!


Wendi said...

What a fun idea!!! I have a recipe for homemade poptarts, I should try them!!!:)

Dana said...

My girls would love doing this! Thanks for the idea!


Mrs. U said...

Aaacck! I can't believe there's a recipe for these!! YUMMMMMMMY!!! Ssshhhh... pop-tarts are a MAJOR love of mine!!! I NEVER buy them because, well, 1) they are SO not healthy and 2) I'd eat the whole box given the chance!! (I'm not kidding, either!!!).

But see, now you have shared a recipe and if it's a homemade recipe it is ALWAYS better for you than store-bought, right? So I CAN eat all of them then, right? PLEASE say yes!! HAHA!!

Anyway, thank you for sharing the link to the recipe! I NEED to try these soon!!

Mrs. U