Saturday, May 8, 2010

A little glimpse of Lewis "training" (homeschool)

Learning can look like this...



or even this.

Here's a look at our "scheduled" training or school-

These things happen daily (Monday- Friday):
1. PE 1hour (We bike, walk, exercise or play an active game)
2. Workbook (Language arts and math) 1 1/2 hour (We only need this much time if the kids are having a bad day or it's a new math concept they are learning.)
3. Family reading time 1/2 hour (I read to all the children.)
4. History/geography or science 1/2 hour (we alternate days between the two subjects)
5. Personal Bible Reading and prayer time (at least 15 min.)

These things happen once or more during the week:
1. Bible study with Mom- 3hours on Mondays (Time split between study and scrapbooking the study.)
2. Practical skills- around 6 "scheduled" hours throughout the week. This is where we learn quilting, sewing, woodworking etc.
3. Character Quality studies 1 1/2 hour during the week
4. Church Bible study- 2 hours on Wednesdays
5. Church 3 hours- Sundays

We are also working on adding a family Bible time for around 1/2 hour a day.

Here's a look at real life schooling:
While not officially "school" , we keep our children busy with chores, family projects and also limit their free time. (They do get free time but we are watchful to make sure the activity isn't wayward.) We plan hospitality and fellowship opportunities and also allow for some spontanious fellowship. We also frequently throw the schedule out to work on special things or enjoy a "field trip" or play day.
During spring we are gardening alot and working on the yard and other spring projects. In the winter we do a lot of hand made presents. The kids read a lot. We are very seldom apart and this makes each moment of everyday a teachable moment. It's hard to explain but learning/training in our house is never turned off. It just doesn't look like a government classroom. Camping in the woods turns into a time of learning to build fires, fish, identify nature and cook over an open flame. A rainy day at home turns into a baking day where the kids learn how yeast makes bread rise or the differences in different types of flours. Or maybe we spend a day running errands where the kids learn budgeting, time management and impulse control. (Mom is learning all the time too.)

We put an emphasis on practical skills over academics and we make our days fun but full of productive work and learning. Again I'm sure that I didn't do the subject justice or explain properly so feel free to comment and question.

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