Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend fun on and off the homestead

We spent a good portion of the weekend with our friends the Hall family. The DH and Mr. Hall work together at Costco. Our families are similar size, age, like the same things and have similar values and goals. We always have a good time together. Saturday we invited them over for a picnic and bonfire.

Butterfly watching

I saw a cute enamel tray at the store made for carrying picnic supplies and I almost bought it. Then the little budget angel sat on my shoulder and told me that surely I had something at home that would work. I did! My roasting pan! It's not white enamel but other than that they are almost identical.

Instead of buying campfire wood, we had the kids go out back into the field and scavenger for wood. You should have seen their faces when they came back dragging someone's old Christmas tree. They hit the mother load!

End of the night as the flames die down

We had brief periods of intermittent rain. But we had the umbrellas handy.

Even with the rain, we still had a beautiful sunset.

Costco had a family bowling party on Sunday night. We paid $6 (for shoes) for the entire family. Not bad for 3 games of bowling for 6 people, pizza, salad, dessert and soda. Costco treats its employees well. (I love how the littles are fascinated by the ball rack.)

Rem in action

Taylor sitting with Gabriella Hall. They were the littlest of our group. Gabriella is 3 and bowled. Taylor at 1 1/2 did not.

Andi being silly with Autumn Hall

Reagan in action

Andi, Autumn Hall, and Seven (our teen representitives)

John (the DH) in action

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