Thursday, May 13, 2010

You might be a homeschooler if...

Your front room is under marble run construction!

We have a magnetic front door, much to the delight of the children! Warning stepping into our house might lead to extended moments of creativity.

To make a marble run you will need to save up some paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes.

Of course you will need various sized marbles, beads or other small, round ball type objects. Ohhh.... just thought of Magnetics balls. I wonder how they would work on a magnetic door with other magnets around too. Hmmm... more science experiments tomorrow!

You will also need some scissors, glue, and a roll of strip magnets that you can cut to size as needed. (You can find the magnets at a craft store.) Oh and crayons, markers, paint or colored paper for decorating the tubes.

Cut tubes to various sizes and make joints for easy transfer. There is no perfect way to do it other than trial and error. You can cut widows in the tubes, make half-pipes and be as creative as you desire.

Decorate your tubes and cut your magnet strips to match the size of your tubes and glue the magnets to the tubes.

Once the magnets are dried onto the tubes you can arrange the tubes any number of ways and drop your marbles in and watch the fun. Be sure to have a bucket or box of some sort at the bottom to catch the marbles. I imagine most people don't have magnetic doors so you can mount your tubes on kitchen appliances or a file cabnit or any other magnetic surface.

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