Thursday, May 6, 2010

Protecting the Homestead from Critters

We have wasps something terrible in our area. Those nasty little critters try to build nests everywhere. Just this afternoon I had to chase two of them out of our mailbox and knock down the nest they had started.

We have read that having a honey bee colony in your immediate area will cut down the wasps because the honey bees will attack them. I hope to get our top bar hive up and running soon but in the mean time we have wasp traps up.

The other pesky critter we are battling currently is a ground squirrel. You can get rid of moles by putting castor oil in their holes and on the lawn. They will pick up and move somewhere else. They don't like the castor oil's smell, taste or how it feels on their fur. We are hoping it is the same for ground squirrels. I just had my son pour some down the newest hole tonight.

Dirty rotten little squirrel and its latest handiwork in our back yard. Not only is it an eyesore but it is dangerous. One wrong step and you've twisted your ankle- OR WORSE- lose your croquet ball.

You might not think that a ground squirrel would be anything to worry about. But this little guy burrowed this tunnel only feet from the garden area. Thanks, but no thanks. The garden is to feed me, not him. If the castor oil doesn't do the trick then the landlord's sons will. They sit up on the decks with pellet guns and hunt. Don't go all PETA on me. We have a huge field in the back and the little guy is more than welcome to live happily out there. But its closing time in my yard. He doesn't have to go home but he can't stay here.

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Ketutar said...

I wonder, have you tried to talk to them and kindly ask them to move somewhere else - preferably find a place for them, where they could live and feed their families, and keep doing the work God put them on earth to do? I have found it to work surprisingly well.
I like wasps. You know they eat small insects like flies and ants. If you have wasps, you probably don't have other insects, and wasps don't attack people unless "attacked" first. You could chose a tree from a very seldom used area of your garden and put a box in it. The wasps will soon build a nest there and leave your mailbox alone :-D We feed wasps with sugar water to keep them off barbecues and garden parties.